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Hello! This is the Liber Deserti, or the Book of Wilderness in Google Translate Latin. In Latin. In short, this is a showcase slash storage unit for every picture of every distinct species of living thing I've ever personally taken a picture of (With some exceptions: see the Rules and Resources up top for all that).

While this was mostly just made as a more graphically pleasing way for me to store all of this information somewhere that isn't just a big file directory on my hard drive, I do want to be at least somewhat entertaining for people who happen to see it (Hi, Chance's friend, if that's you). That means definitions on each page to help you understand what you're looking at, facts on each page just because facts are always nice, and if you so choose, a basic search engine so you can just skip right to your favorite part!

If you're interested in things other than pictures of bugs and such, feel free to use the top row of buttons: Rules and Resources outlines the parameters for what gets to go in here and how I sort and identify it, My Equipment details my actual physical cameras and such (Budgeted to death right now, but hopefully improving soon), and Contact Me speaks for itself. I hope you enjoy the site!

Total documented species: 644

Total identified species on Earth: 2.16 million (per IUCN as of 2022)

Percent of all identified life found: %0.00000321742

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